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  • Joint and tissue inflammation can cause a host of problems – everything from mild discomfort to severe arthritis. Our Joint Formula is designed to get you moving again by:
    • Reversing the wear and tear on your joints of a physically demanding lifestyle
    • Reducing joint-related pain, swelling and stiffness
    • Repairing damaged cartilage and strengthening the body’s neuromuscular system
  • Key Ingredients In our Joint Repair Formula
    • Boswellia Serrata – Reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to joints.
    • Guggulu – Detoxifies, lubricates, and rejuvenates joints. It suppresses the NF-kappaB gene – the gene responsible for the body’s inflammatory reaction
    • Guduchi – Fights inflammation and inhibits bacterial growth and increases immunity
    • Yashtimadhu (licorice) – reduces inflammation.
    • Dry Ginger Extract – Reduces nausea, reduces joint pain, and increases mobility.
    • Turmeric – Inhibits inflammation, reduces joint pain and swelling.

    Important Product Details
    • This product does not contain: soy, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives
    • If pregnant, nursing, taking blood-thinning or other medications, consult a healthcare professional before use.
    • This formulation is better if taken before a meal, such as breakfast or dinner.
    • Manufactured in the US in a GMP compliant/FDA-approved facility
    • Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials
    • Produced under our own SOPs that meet or exceed FDA GMP requirements
    • Every batch tested to ensure purity and potency specifications are met
    • Specific product testing is listed in the Certificate of Quality
    • Quality assured with our Triple Testing Philosophy™
    • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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