#21DayKickstart Challenge - May 2019

by Shivani Gupta 28 April 2019

#21DayKickstart Challenge - May 2019

Welcome Fusionary Formulas 21 Day Kickstart Challengers!
I am deeply honored you are considering being a part of our #21DayKickstart Challenge - it's May 2019 and wherever you are in your health goals for the year, this is a great way to build some new healthy habits!
While many programs out there focus on helping you lose weight fast or promise quick results that are only realistic for the rare exception, we believe in keeping it straight, simple and sustainable for our Fusionary tribe.
Our sophisticated tribe members know that the “Reboot, Restart, Go 100mph Mode” has not served anyone in the long run. Because burnout is always going to be the consequence of that choice.
You’re in need of something different. Something revolutionary. Something revitalizing.
Here’s my proposal.
For 21 days, we’ll come together in this affinity group of conscious-minded action-takers as I guide us on this transformative journey and teach you three vital keys to improving your overall health.
My Goal: For everyone to finish the challenge feeling replenished, recalibrated, nourished, loved, and whole again.
What You’ll Get: 3 Guides

  1. Modern Ayurveda - Self-Care Rituals
  2. Modern Ayurveda - Healthy Eating Guide
  3. Modern Ayurveda - Reduce Inflammation Naturally

What To Expect From Us:

  1. A daily post in the Private Facebook Group
  2. A daily email with the exact same message
  3. A weekly LIVE call where Shivani covers a New Ayurveda Health Topic
  4. A weekly workout video to get us out and try new ways to move our bodies
  5. A special gift from Shivani and the FF Team just for you!

What You Need to Know: I invite you to go as light or as deep into the challenge as you would like. There will be contests and activities throughout the challenge to keep it fun and motivating. We’ll give away plenty of prizes at the end of the challenge for those who go all out. Most importantly, there are many great benefits for all who join in.
Are There Any Side Effects? What are the side effects of nourishing ourselves, filling our cup, practicing Ayurvedic Self Care daily, changing our food and lifestyle habits, reducing inflammation, and taking our Fusionary supplements twice a day? I’ve seen all sorts of incredible benefits in my life and in the lives of those around me, including substantial weight loss, no more aches and debilitating pains, fewer colds and sickness, alleviated migraines, reduction of inflammation, reduction in allergies, more energy, and so much more.
Next Steps: Let’s start the summer strong by making a commitment to prioritizing self-care, and supporting each other for these crucial 21 days. Though the challenge is only 21 days long, once you learn these concepts, you can return to THIS PRACTICE at any time throughout the year for a refresher, as needed. Even better, if you MAINTAIN this practice all year by incorporating this simple and effective ancient healing system into your everyday life, you will position yourself to have an incredible rest of the year no matter what situations may try to derail your progress.

Officially Starts: May 6, 2019 and Ends: Sunday, May 26th, 2019

To Enter: Purchase any Fusionary Regimen and email us: info@fusionaryformulas.com to let us know you're in!
I cannot wait to share my Modern Ayurveda Movement and the best of what Fusionary Formulas has to offer!
In love and light,
-Shivani Gupta
 Founder, Fusionary Formulas
Fusionary Formulas is based on Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine from India that’s over 5000 years old.