3 Ways to Make Your Day Healthier

by Ashna S 31 December 2019

3 Ways to Make Your Day Healthier

Are you the kind of person that hits the snooze button in the morning? Even if you're not the "snoozer" in your family, how you start your mornings will affect the rest of your day and may have long-term implications.

There is a plethora of research on physical and mental well-being that was done studying morning habits. With today being New Year's Eve, I thought it apt to publish an article about improving morning rituals as we think about our New Year's resolutions for 2020!

At Fusionary Formulas, we genuinely believe that how you start your morning will have a ripple effect on the rest of your day and even your life. Here are three tips of mine that I hope you can use so you have more fuel to carry you through the day. 

1. Drink Aloe Vera juice or a glass of warm lemon water in the morning when you get up.

I personally prefer Aloe Vera juice for the taste, however, both are great ways to improve your morning (especially if you happen to be out of Aloe Vera juice and didn't have time to go to the grocery store beforehand). Aloe Vera juice has been used in Ayurvedic healing due to its many positive properties; the most important one is its ability to rid your body of toxins. If you drink it in the morning before you have consumed anything else, it will help you flush out any toxins (aka clean your digestive system) before you leave your home to start your activities.

Okay, so hypothetically, what if you don't have Aloe Vera juice or you don't like the taste (although I do love the taste), what can you do?

Drink warm lemon water. Warm lemon water can have similar benefits. You get a dose of Vitamin C in the morning and the sourness can help relieve your stomach of constipation. In other words, many people use it as a daily laxative. Cleaning your digestive system and flushing out toxins that have collected is important for overall wellness. It all starts with your gut!

2. Take a Turmeric supplement.

Curcumin (aka the yellow chemical found in Turmeric) absorption can be higher when you take it before a meal. In general, due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, it is important to take curcumin regularly. Many cognitive as well as cardiovascular diseases have been linked to long-term or chronic low inflammation. 

3. Have a vegetarian breakfast (even if you love meat).

I am a vegetarian myself so this step is easier for me than others who love and regularly eat meat. However, here is why I recommend avoiding eggs and meat in the morning. According to research done by UC Berkeley, those who ate meat and eggs for breakfast tended to be overweight or had higher BMIs and they also consumed more calories throughout the day. 

Here's what I think: Meat and eggs are lower in insoluble fiber. One of the reasons I eat greek yogurt with fresh berries and nuts is so I get the fiber from fruits and nuts. You will stay full longer when you eat food that contains insoluble fiber so as a result, you will eat less throughout the day and may not be prone to snacking or overeating. Stick to low fat, high fiber foods in the morning. 

If you try these three simple tasks daily, I am sure you will notice a difference. You will feel more refreshed throughout the day.