The Sugar Destroyer

by Shivani Gupta 18 April 2019

The Sugar Destroyer

Here’s the truth about women in America, or rather, women across our beautiful planet.

We don’t look forward to the effects of aging, we’d ALL like to keep our weight in check, and if possible, we’d like to use all natural herbs and supplements to handle this for us, and anything else we have issues with.

True or False?


That’s precisely why Fusionary Formulas, a line of all natural Ayurvedic health supplements designed to help you heal and feel your best organically, has become a big hit with the health-conscious crowd. We’ve especially become a favorite go-to source for health and wellness tips, advice, and the best in supplements with turmeric and curcumin. And Shivani Gupta, the founder and CEO of Fusionary Formulas, isn’t on her way to receiving a PhD for no reason – she loves to educate on the benefits of incorporating all-natural healing alternatives into our lives.

Speaking of herbs with magical healing and weight-controlling powers, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit our total obsession and adoration for gymnema sylvestre. This fancy-named miracle plant is actually “a woody climbing shrub native to India and Africa. The leaves are used to make medicine. Gymnema has a long history of use in India’s Ayurvedic medicine. The Hindi name, gurmar, means “destroyer of sugar.”

Imagine that – a destroyer of sugar. Growing on two of the largest continents on our planet, as if to say, “here I am, folks, come and get me!”

And what a perfect find. In today’s over-processed, sugar laden society that we live in, we’re very lucky to have an option for controlling the roller coaster of health issues that sugar adds to our lives.

Over the last 100 hundred years, sugar consumption in the United States has grown tremendously, leading to some of the most prevalent and troublesome ailments of our time: obesity, heart disease, hypoglycemia, diabetes, hyperactivity in children, insomnia and fatigue.

It’s no wonder why the world of Ayurveda can’t live without their sugar destroyer!

So what else can you expect once you’ve welcomed gymnema sylvestre into your life?

According to WebMD, gymnema is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. It is also used for malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.


Gymnema contains substances that decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestines. Gymnema may also increase the amount of insulin in the body and increase the growth of cells in the pancreas, which is the place in the body where insulin is made.

But here’s the most important piece of all to keep in mind before running to the store to get your hands on some products with gymnema sylvestre – there is no cure for the effects of sugar on your body like eliminating sugar altogether from your diet. Along with helping your body though, you can rest assured that you’ll also be tackling that need to age gracefully – as gymnema sylvestre was voted one of the best anti-aging herbs.

Our Carb Control formula is a proprietary blend that contains gymnema sylvestre.

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