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Turmeric Gold

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Product Overview:

Here’s the #1 Reason Why You’ll Love this Proven Turmeric Supplement to Reduce Inflammation

Potent Turmeric Supplement with Black Pepper to help reduce inflammation, give pain relief, and many health benefits.

Turmeric Gold — Curcumin, an extract of turmeric, has proven effective against many inflammation-related conditions and pain. Try it today and feel the difference tomorrow.

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Our creation is potent. We include the most powerful ingredients in our Turmeric Gold Capsule, including Turmeric Extract with a high concentration of just curcumin from curcuminoids. Then we combine this with Turmeric Powder and Black Pepper Extract to help with absorption.


Here’s what makes our Turmeric Curcumin different …


Many turmeric supplements give you regular turmeric powder, or they give you all three curcuminoids. The problem is that it isn’t the most effective way to reduce inflammation. Indeed, here at Fusionary Formulas, we believe in using the most potent, high-quality ingredients. Therefore, investing in the highest quality 95% potency curcumin extract helps reduce inflammation and pain.


Turmeric Powder

So, we created a medical-grade potent formula for doctors. We sourced the most potent pure curcumin extract at a full 500mg and this is how we drive a result different from everyone else.


Turmeric Gold is the most Potent Turmeric Supplement, Sourced by Doctors to help you reduce inflammation and pain


Our founder did extensive research to source the best curcumin and ingredients to create our formula. It took careful sourcing and meticulous production to formulate a Turmeric Supplement that would truly move the needle when it comes to pain relief and inflammation. We knew a turmeric tablet would not taste good, so we put ours in a capsule for ease and comfort.


We built our formula for doctors to recommend to patients. Our medical-grade formula is more potent than any other.

Benefits of Turmeric for Pain Relief

10 Core Benefits Of This Daily Turmeric Supplement


# 1 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps maintain healthy inflammation responses.

#2 SUPPORTS HEALTHY JOINTS: Turmeric consistently helps in promoting overall joint health, mobility and pain relief.

#3 VIBRANT IMMUNITY: Increases the immune strength of the body

#4 SOOTHES DIGESTION: Reduces symptoms of bloating and gas related to indigestion.

#5 PROMOTES HEART HEALTH: Helps regulate blood pressure, blood clotting and other factors vital to heart health.

#6 SUPPORTS BRAIN HEALTH: Supportive in maintaining healthy cognitive function and working memory.

#7 SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: Curcumin can impact BMI, weight, body fat, leptin, and adipose tissue.

#8 BOOSTS STRESS TOLERANCE: Counteracts the effects of everyday stressors on the body, has adaptogen qualities.

#9 SUPPORTS HEALTHY METABOLISM: Helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels

#11 PROMOTES RADIANT SKIN: Helps the body produce more radiant and healthy-looking skin by reducing systemic inflammation

#12 REDUCES MUSCLE SORENESS for faster recovery after each training session



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product does not intend diagnose or prevent any diseases.

      Turmeric Gold — Curcumin, an extract of turmeric, has proven effective against many inflammation-related ailments. But poor absorption limits its effect. Fusionary Formulas solves the problem of poor absorption by blending curcumin with bioperine (black pepper extract), increasing absorption and enabling your body to reap the benefits of curcumin.

      Look and Feel Your Best

      Reduces inflammation and stress

      Helps the body fight inflammation

      Reduces free radical damage of healthy cells

      Alleviates pain and swelling

      Essential Ayurvedic Ingredients

      Manufactured in the U.S. with only medical-grade ingredients

      fusionary ingredient


      Curcumin is the key active ingredient in turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Combining curcumin with bioperine (black pepper extract) can significantly improve absorption. 

      fusionary ingredient


      Bioperine (black pepper extract) increases the absorption of nutrients, helping you get more out of the nutrients that you consume. Bioperine may be used to help regulate weight, improve memory, and enhance serotonin levels.

      fusionary ingredient


      Turmeric is an Ayurvedic spice that has been used to treat inflammation, infections, and digestive issues for thousands of years. It can relieve chronic joint pain symptoms by reducing inflammation throughout the body.

      Pair for maximum benefit

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      Inflammation Relief

      the Leading Turmeric-Based Inflammation Relief Supplement for Joint Pain!   Potent Turmeric Supplement with Black Pepper to help reduce inflammation, give pain relief, and ...
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      It’s time to address your joint pain and inflammation. Developed for orthopedic doctors to recommend to their patients, Fusionary Formulas is the only turmeric supplement line used by doctors to support their patients’ health.

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      I recommend this product

      I believe in it!

      I have been using it but haven’t had significant visible changes. But I believe it’s working

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      Tumeric Gold

      Good overall experience. Pain and inflammation discomfort now under control.

      Theresa B.
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      This product is extremely strong and it has upset my stomach each time I took it. I plan to divide 1 capsule in 2, to see if it works better.