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The Fusionary Box: Anti- Inflammatory Protocol


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The Fusionary Box includes:

- Turmeric Gold

- Inflammation Relief

- Deep Sleep Tea

 - Copper Tongue Scraper

 - Natural Bristle Dry Brush


Inflammation can occur in the body in several forms:

  • ACUTE INFLAMMATION occurs quickly following an injury such as a splinter in your finger or an infection. In a masterfully orchestrated defense, increased blood flow to the area brings white blood cells and body proteins that attack the intruder and heal injured tissue. As the threat is resolved, inflammation ends.
  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATION involves an ongoing body defense response when harmful forces continue that can damage blood vessels and other body tissues, accelerating the development of long-term health problems. The body keeps sending a defense response when there is no need. 

Chronic low-grade inflammation promotes the development of many different health issues in the body. However, evidence shows that changing habits and adding a Turmeric-based supplement can reduce inflammation.

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Turmeric Gold

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It’s time to address your joint pain and inflammation. Developed for orthopedic doctors to recommend to their patients, Fusionary Formulas is the only turmeric supplement line used by doctors to support their patients’ health.

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