I have used Fusionary Formulas and the supplements are

fantastic. I tell all my patients about these products because

they are very important for whole health. I hope you give

Fusionary Formulas a try.

Dr. Daryl Schleifer, chiropractor

A lot of people have started to use turmeric in cooking or some

other supplements, but if they are not getting the dosage correctly,they are

not going to get the therapeutic benefit. Fusionary Formulas offers the

right dosage which has been proven to be very effective.

Dr. David Lipman, chiropractor

I am a sports acupuncturist, and I have been using Fusionary Formulas

for about a year, maybe more. I found that a lot of my patients who are athletes

and training for all kinds of different triathlons, races, and Iron Man competitions have

gotten a lot of benefit. They see a difference in their recovery, in their endurance,

in their ability to kind of get more out of their training. I have loved sharing

this product and I use it myself

Dr. Holly Green, acupuncturist

I am a big fan of Fusionary Formulas because I believe in the product and

what it does for all individuals. On a regular basis, I see a lot of patients that may

be injured, have inflammatory issues or overall well-being issues, and what I like about

Fusionary Formulas is that it is a great alternative to something like Advil or Aleve that can

really get in there, create anti-inflammatory properties for the individual and give them a true

benefit that they need to get better

Dominick Pompeii Lee, licensed physical therapist


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