5 Surefire Ways To Develop A Morning Wellness Routine That Sticks

by Shivani Gupta 18 April 2019

5 Surefire Ways To Develop A Morning Wellness Routine That Sticks

There are two types of people in this world…

…morning people who jump out of bed, chipper and ready to take on the world… and everyone else who would really enjoy another few hours of sleep and much less responsibility before that first cup of coffee sets in.

The honest truth about mornings? They’re tough. For everyone.

Whether you’re a parent who has to manage to get yourself ready after getting your little troops in line, or simply someone who has an ongoing relationship with their snooze button – we can ALL use a little help in the morning. Mornings are a critical time that requires your attention because it can set the tone for the rest of your day, and how you feel getting through it. Those extra few moments in the morning can make all the difference between a high-energy, productive day, and the kind that leaves you aching for a nap after lunch.

As a mom, entrepreneur, and health and wellness advocate, I have found that the one thing most people forego is a dedicated morning wellness routine. For me, there is nothing more important than taking a few minutes each morning to think, breathe, plan, and tend to my needs before I fill my day with focusing on everyone else in my family and business.

At Fusionary Formulas, we believe in making mornings meaningful, and replacing the alarm clock-dread with a sense of excitement, gratitude, and good health. On an average day, I have my own morning wellness routine that keeps me energized all day long:

- Drink my favorite Aloe Vera juice by George's. When refrigerated, it's smooth and easy to drink like water!

- I follow my juice with an organic green jasmine tea, with a spoon of Benefiber to get my fiber in for the day – an instant energy boost!

- Now that my stomach is prepped and ready for my supplement routine, I take my Turmeric Gold, Weight Loss Formula, and Elite Athlete Formula, to start my day off right.

- I Finish my routine off with a delicious protein Shake full of organic berries, fresh aloe vera, and banana, with a side of two Brazil nuts for selenium – a must have!

Need a few more options? Here are my sure fire ways to help you develop a morning wellness routine that sticks, and one your body and mind will soon come to crave.

  • Meditate

    The misconception about mediation is that it has to be done for extended periods of time, in beautifully decorated, secluded spaces. Thankfully, this is not really the case.

    When you first wake up in the morning – take a few minutes to breathe. With your eyes closed, take a few deep belly breaths, holding them in for three seconds at a time. As you release these breaths, release all of the stress and tension you may have woken up with. Clear your mind and get it ready for a great day.

    Bonus – you can do this from the comfort of your bed!

    • Hydrate

      If you’re a coffee junkie, it’s all good – I won’t try and stop you. But before you put anything in your body at the start of a new day, treat yourself to a warm cup of water with lemon. Drinking warm water with lemon, first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. Or start your day with a shot of aloe vera juice! It’s like easy access to a fresh, clean slate – and your body will thank you!

      • Nourish

        One of the many complaints I hear from friends and colleagues is the lack of time to focus on a healthy breakfast. Fueling your body in the morning is critical to keep you feeling focused, energized, and alive throughout your day.

        Even if you have to prepare the night before, make sure you don’t leave the house without a meal that can carry you through your morning. A mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are a great combo that will keep your belly full and your mind in good working order until lunchtime. A protein shake full of superfoods is an easy quick way to start on the right foot!

        • Vitamins

          Now that you’ve had a good, solid, breakfast complete with healthy fats, your body is ready to absorb all of the goodness from vitamins and supplements. Since most people find it easier to take their vitamins with breakfast, this is a sure fire way to eliminate the risk of forgetting one of the most critical components of any healthy morning routine.

          Each week, I portion out my supplements and vitamins in a 7-day pill box, and leave them sitting next to my refrigerator. This way, my vitamin and supplement regimen is ready and waiting for me each morning after I finish my morning meal. And hey, if you’re ever in a rush, you can grab your pill box and take it with you on the go!

          • Practice Gratitude

            You may be exhausted, cranky, stressed, and overworked, but you’re awake. You’ve been given the gift of another day, full of possibilities and promise. Practice gratitude. As you are sitting in traffic on your way to work or driving your kids to school, think of all of the things your life has been blessed with – and it’ll be next to impossible to have a bad day!